Built WIth Passion

edme.in is an Integrated Branding & marketing Solutions provider. Knowledge, Experience and Skills that span over almost 2 decades makes edme.in a seasoned player in the market. We have more than 28 professionals working across verticals passionately with the single minded focus - To deliver Success. We have presence in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat.

Established In 1999, We Have Built This Company With Passion, Passion For The Performance.Our Start Was Humble. We Booked Ads And Prepared Graphics. Very Soon We Were Making Websites. And We Learnt That Making Website Was Not Enough And That’s How We Started SEO Division. ERP, E-Commerce And Other IT Services Were Introduced Because Clients We Were Working With, Insisted We Offer These Services Too And That’s How We Grew To An Almost Full Fledged Branding & Marketing Services Provider. Over the years we have served over 2000+ Satisfied Clients World Over. Mail Now

At edme.in we firmly believe in working closely with clients to deliver superlative performance that translates in to success. Understanding the need of the client and delivering the right solution is at the core of our value system. Of course working with fun is the language we speak and we love what we do.Let’s do something new together. call NOW :+91-9978828626