Manage Your Business with odoo ERP

What odoo offers in Operations Management

Project Management

Important Features

  • Manage Your Tasks, The Way You Like It!
  • Flexible to fit to your own process
  • Designed To Fit Your Own Needs
  • Easy To Use
  • Work Together
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Get Work Done
  • Timesheets, Contracts & Invoices
  • Track Issues

Inventory Management

Important Features

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Double Entry Inventory Management
  • Decrease your process time
  • Automatic Transactions
  • Get Full Traceability
  • Reduce Your Stock Level
  • Fully Integrated with Operations
  • Track Serial Numbers
  • Scale Your WMS easily
  • Analyse your warehouse efficiency to improve performance

Purchase Management

Important Features

  • Reduce inventory level with procurement rules
  • Get the best price by negotiating with several suppliers
  • Email Integration
  • Import your bank statements and reconcile them
  • Standard Price, Average Price, FIFO
  • Import Supplier Pricelists
  • Control Products and Invoices
  • Get Statistics On Your Purchases

odoo Manufacturing

Important Features

  • Manage bill of materials, plan manufacturing orders, track work orders
  • Efficient Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders
  • Products, bill of materials and routings
  • Check resource capacities and fix bottlenecks
  • Work with lists, calendars or Gantt charts
  • Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics
  • Fully Integrated with Operations

odoo Human Resources

odoo Employees

Important Features

  • Manage the most important asset !
  • record employee contracts and get alerts
  • Streamline Your Recruitment Process
  • Collaborate across departments, geographies and business applications
  • Weekly or monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking

odoo Recruit

Important Features

  • Organize your vacancies & job applications!
  • Publish job offers straight from the app
  • Customize your recruitment process
  • Simplify application management

Manage Employee Expenses

Important Features

  • Manage Business Expenses Online
  • Managers' Monitoring
  • Multiple Users Management
  • Integrated With Timesheet App

odoo Appraisals

Important Features

  • Plan employees' evaluation and build up the right appraisal!
  • Set up periodical employees' evaluation
  • Build The Right Appraisal
  • Easily Design Your Own Survey
  • Test You Surveys Before Sending Them Out
  • Set Up Evaluations Plans
  • Right Place At The Right Time

odoo Fleet

Important Features

  • Manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments without pain.!
  • Formulate elaborate and advanced marketing campaigns
  • Easily create different messages and segment them
  • Visualize your workflow thanks to detailed diagrams
  • Deliver a message that resonates with your prospects
  • Use triggers to give your prospects what they need
  • Adjust your message to your prospect’s profile
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Deliver in-store customer services
  • Fully Integrated with Odoo Apps